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Breko, a household name since 1974

Core values and characteristics
Speed, craftsmanship, cost savings and motivation are core values that ensure that you are assisted effectively and efficiently. The customer-oriented attitude of every one of the organisation's employees is your guarantee that every order will be given our full attention. This attitude leads us to devise high-value, innovative, technical improvements coupled to economically advantageous solutions. An example of this is the entirely new steering gear that was developed in-house.

Our shipyard has all the facilities needed for the maintenance, repair and new construction of modern ships.Mark Breijer, Algemeen Directeur
►working area of around two hectares
►160 metre long quay
►enough space for several ships
►two stem-docks for quick propeller, bow thruster, rudder and other underwater repairs
►factory hall with its own turning shop
►in-house hydraulics department
►all necessary expertise for ironwork
►mobile maintenance service

Mark Breijer (1976), son of Rein Breijer, started working for Breko in 1995 and has led the company since 2007.

Rein BreijerFounder
Rein Breijer (1948-2009), founder of Breko, began his career by repairing engine components. "I am an engine enthusiast," he said in 2000 in an interview in Binnenvaartkrant magazine to mark the 25th anniversary of Breko.

Breko was established in 1974 as a repair, overhaul and maintenance company for diesel engines. During this period Breko was based at De Noord. This favourable location meant that more and more inland navigation vessels turned to Breko for maintenance services. The number of customers grew steadily and technical activities were expanded even further. At the beginning of the 1980s Breko made the transition to the new construction of inland navigation vessels. The customer focus and innovative attitude that marked Breko out quickly ensured an outstanding reputation as a new-construction shipyard. Later on Breko moved. It changed its address from the bank of De Noord to the current address on the bank of the Merwede and the quay of the Ketelhaven. The current location, too, is just a stone's throw from the Port of Rotterdam.

Breko, a household name since 1974
The name Breko arose from the brief collaboration between Rein Breijer and Obbe Koudenberg, who at the time was only involved in financing. Since things were going so well at Rein Breijer's company, he was able to effect the agreed buy-out within eight months. The name Breko remained intact; it was already a familiar name by then.