About us


Rein Breijer (b. 1948 – d. 2009), founder of BREKO in 1974, started his business repairing engine parts. ‘I really love engines,’ he told the Binnenvaartkrant newspaper in the year 2000, while being interviewed as part of BREKO’s 25th anniversary celebrations.

A real family business!

Family business

His son, Mark Breijer (b. 1976), now runs the family business. As a child, his was a familiar face around the shipyard in Papendrecht. He began to dip his feet in the water when he was nineteen and has since progressed to become the owner of the business.

Like his father, Mark believes in core values – workmanship, customer focus, cost awareness, and enthusiasm. Together, these values help BREKO/PSI to provide effective and efficient service.

This customer-focused attitude helps the business devote full attention to every assignment and is what creates high-quality, innovative, technical improvements coupled with economically beneficial solutions. To be able to continue to provide the service, BREKO/PSI continuously invests in people and machinery.

Mark explains, ‘With a well-oiled organization, you can go a long way!’


BREKO was founded in 1974 as a business offering repair, overhaul, and maintenance services for diesel engines. Back then, BREKO was located on the Noord river, a favourable location that meant an increasing number of inland navigation vessels would visit BREKO for service work. Over time, the number of clients grew and business activities were expanded. In response, BREKO began constructing new vessels for inland navigation in the early 1980s. The characteristic customer focus and innovative attitude soon earned the construction yard a positive reputation. The expansion of activities forced BREKO to relocate from the banks of the Noord to the banks of the Merwede and the Ketelhaven quay – a location in the shadow of the port of Rotterdam.

In 1998, PSI joined the business, supplying and installing pipeline systems for shipping and industry. This proved to be a great addition, allowing the business to position itself on national and international markets as an all-round solutions provider.

Since 2008, PSI has operated a production site in Serbia, where the business works closely with a nearby hull constructor. We supply as well as install pipeline systems.

Since 2018, we have also been undertaking work at our yard in Hemiksem – a nice location that has allowed us to expand our services just a stone’s throw from the port of Antwerp.

All in all, BREKO/PSI has plenty to be proud of.