New construction

BREKO is an all-round shipbuilder. We construct vessels for inland navigation, barges, coasters, and sea-going vessels for transport of all manner of types of cargo. We don’t do this alone, but with you – together we are stronger!

A household name

Let us know what you need, and we will find a solution that puts you – our client – at the very heart of everything. Since our foundation, we have completed more than 150 new construction projects. We can justifiably say that BREKO has earned a sound reputation in both inland navigation and maritime shipping when it comes to design, development, and construction of ships. We supply advanced, high-quality ships. Who wouldn’t want a BREKO ship?!

Perfect collaboration

At BREKO, carefully selected suppliers work alongside well-trained specialists, all of whom are eager to deliver bespoke solutions as well as peace of mind – flawless construction from A to Z.

Everything under one roof

BREKO has all conceivable facilities, products, and services required for shipbuilding – a shipyard of around two hectares, ample capacity for materials storage, a 160-metre long fitting quay that can accommodate several vessels at the same time, and a tower crane. This complete package means that we can serve you any time, anywhere.

Our Papendrecht shipyard is also well located at Ketelhaven, situated on the Beneden-Merwede and close to the convergence the Oude Maas, Noord, and Beneden-Merwede rivers.

“We have listed all of our products and services for you under Facilities.”

A project-based approach

We take a project-based approach to new-construction projects, which is as follows. We advise, coordinate, and organize our activities within the requirements, frameworks, quality, and budget that you set. All of this is done under the leadership of our enthusiastic, driven, and specialist project managers, thus ensuring that you have one dedicated point of contact. Prompt and full communication is ensured at all times, so that you always know where we are with your project.

BREKO is your partner

When designing, developing, and constructing a ship, your preferences are what matter. We use these preferences to compile a client-specific plan, specifications, and quote. Once we have completed the preparatory work, we will design a bespoke offer that focuses on detail and solutions to special requests. This helps to prevent surprises during the execution of your project, and in the budget. We’ll be with you all the way as we construct and finish the hull, and when it comes to decision making, we will always consult with your first.

The specialist knowledge of professionals, many years of experience, and facilities that BREKO has at its disposal will ensure that you can realize a fantastic ‘BREKO ship’ within the schedule that you set. Time to cast off!