PSI service

We provide an all-round service for shipping, offshore, and industry. In addition, we have extensive expertise in pipeline systems, allowing us to provide pipework services to all types of vessel within all manner of industries.

Engineering | New construction | Repair | Repowering | CNC | Welding operations

A household name

PSI is a household name when it comes to pipeline systems. We offer high-quality workmanship and a complete package of services based on an open, client-focused vision with short, direct lines of communication. Let us know what you need, and we will find a solution that puts you – our client – at the very heart of everything. We have an in-house engineering department, allowing us to create specific designs that meet your requirements and satisfy all stipulations imposed by the inspection authorities.

Everything under one roof

PSI has all conceivable facilities, products, and services required for the construction of pipeline systems – a yard of around two hectares, ample capacity for materials storage, CNC bending machines, and an in-house hydraulics department. This complete package means that we can serve you any time, anywhere.

“We have listed all of our products and services for you under Facilities.”


Our strength lies in the far-reaching specialization that we have developed in pipeline systems. This specialization translates into customer-focused engineering services and high-quality solutions for new and existing pipeline systems.

New construction

We provide pipework for all types of vessel within all manner of industries. We have a team of qualified employees who can accomplish a wide variety of projects in shipping, offshore, and industry.

PSI also boasts a second production location in the Serbian town of Kladovo, where we produce pipelines for the Dutch, Serbian, and Romanian markets. We fit pipework directly onto the hulls that are constructed in the shipyards nearby.


Your pipeline system should be in service seven days a week!
Pipeline systems often have to endure a lot – damp environments, vibrations, and heavy use. PSI has extensive experience in the repair of various types of pipeline system. We have a motivated team available day and night, seven days a week, at the location of your choice, to ensure your continuity. Our committed specialists carry out repairs and can replace parts and systems in your existing pipeline systems.

Complete peace of mind
Unexpected repairs can never be ruled out. Let us give you peace of mind and adapt to your situation. We can repair your pipeline system on-board at your premises, or at our workshop. If piping needs to be completely overhauled, it will be removed and then assembled in our workshop. This allows us to reproduce the piping exactly, and install it free of tension.

From minor to major damage
We are specialists in major and minor repairs and repowering. We can also arrange inspection of your pipeline system in collaboration with an inspection body of your choice.


When we undertake repowering work, we adapt all pipeline systems so that your engines meet the latest emissions standards. We professionally disassemble the old pipelines so that the new engine can be installed. We then measure, prefabricate, install, and brace the new pipeline systems.


We use our own CNC-controlled bending machines for all repair work – these machines are capable of bending piping with the desired radius with extreme accuracy – for consistently high quality.

Welding operations

Our welding specialists are all certified. Based on their certifications, they can carry out all welding procedures to finish piping in all thicknesses and materials. All certificates are updated on a six-monthly basis.